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#1 - Innovation & Core Technologies
#2 - Data, Analytics & BI
#3 - CRM 
#4 - Re-Defining the Enterprise
#4 - Security, Privacy & Regulation
#5 - Marketing, Advertising & Sales 
#7 - Personal Assistants & Bots
#8 - Robotics
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What You Will Learn

AI Strategy and Technical Innovation
  • Using AI to remain current with changing customer behaviours
  • Leveraging the predictive capability of AI
  • The power of AI to increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Advanced analytics and predictive capability to better understand and plan for future growth
  • Enhancing customer service with AI
  • Cutting-edge algorithms for enhanced data analysis
  • Deploying algorithmic intelligence to enable automatic responses
  • Leveraging image recognition for effective automation
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning – giving intelligence to machines
  • Combining machine learning with analytics for competitive advantage – enhanced insight, enhanced decision-making
  • Applying machine learning to large data sets
  • Assessing the most suitable scenarios for machine learning approaches to natural language understanding
  • Addressing the ethical and legal challenges of AI
  • Discussion privacy and consent issues
  • Generating consumer trust and implementing safeguards
  • The cybersecurity challenges of AI implementation?
  • How are businesses leveraging Bots and where will they have most impact?
  • Are bots central to the business of the future?
  • Accessing and distributing content via bots
  • Extending the capability of bots with NLP
  • Developing algorithms to understand voice questions
  • Embracing deep learning powered by neural networks
  • Using Deep Learning algorithms to increase personalisation
  • Demonstrating how natural language communication will lead to a more personalised experience
  • Emotion AI – taking AI to the next level
  • How deep should enterprises go with AI?
  • AI and the future enterprise
  • Conversations between intelligent machines
  • Making a real business case for Artificial Intelligence. How will you do it and what will you need to know?
  • When Artificial Intelligence meets virtual reality
  • Finding the best applications for AI and machine learning
  • The future of intelligent assistants
  • AI disruption: market opportunities & threats
  • The future of AI: More, better, faster decisions
  • Can AI fix education?
  • What Artificial Intelligence Could Mean For Education
  • How artificial intelligence is about to disrupt higher education
Banking and Financial Services
  • AI in banking - robo advisors and beyond
  • Tomorrow's AI-enabled banking
  • Clever banking with artificial intelligence
  • Is AI the future of banking
  • The Rise of the Machines? Artificial intelligence in financial services
  • Regtech – creating more transparency in banking?
  • The rise of AI and algorithms in the financial services
  • How retail banking is adopting AI to improve customer digital interfaces and a look at current customer perceptions
Transport and Automotive
  • AI and Robotics in the travel industry
  • What AI means for aviation
  • Predictive maintenance and diagnostic monitoring in the rail industry
  • The transformative impact of AI on the transport industry
  • How AI is propelling driverless cars, the future of surface transport
  • How AI is fuelling the car industry
  • Making Driverless Cars Smarter with AI
Marketing and General Business
  • AI & the evolution of contact centers
  • The robot marketers that out-perform humans
  • The Future of Customer Service
  • AI and the Future of Business
  • What does 2018 mean for AI and marketing?
  • AI Innovation in the enterprise
  • Artificial Intelligence will redesign healthcare
  • The opportunities and challenges of AI in healthcare
  • Doctors, data, and diseases: How AI is transforming healthcare
  • To what extent with robots take over from doctors?
  • Enhancing patient care with AI
  • AI and cognitive computing in healthcare
  • AI for long-term condition monitoring and emergency prevention
  • Employing artificial intelligence for drug discovery
  • Artificial Intelligence applications in manufacturing
  • Artificial Intelligence and the future of manufacturing
  • Factory of the future brings AI to manufacturing
  • Accelerating industrial IoT with Artificial Intelligence
  • How are robots transforming manufacturing?
  • Advancing towards a world of cognitive manufacturing systems
  • AI for realtime decisions and increased efficiencies in manufacturing
  • How Artificial Intelligence is changing the retail experience
  • Impact of AI on the retail industry
  • Retailers look to artificial intelligence to bag sales
  • How artificial intelligence is changing online retail forever
  • Making retail smarter
  • How machine learning can help retailers to retain customers and generate more revenue?